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Manufacturing Services

PCB Testing

  • Electrical & Functional Testing services of the designed PCB

  • Do you already have a PCB done and need it to be professionally reviewed? Check out our PCB Design Review Service

SMT / Through Hole Assembly Line

Meeting the demands of your SMT assembly requirements is easier with SMT-ASSY, your trusted electronic manufacturing service provider.

Now, more than ever, small to medium size companies have limited resources. When you work with us, we become your manufacturing partner, saving your company’s resources, so you can use them to focus on future designs, marketing, and sales.

Manual Insertion Line

Single Layer PCB's Low cost of Production is important for the commercial products in many categories. This is done with Wave Soldering Machine and Respective MI Line.

When you work with us, we become your manufacturing partner, saving your company’s resources, so you can use them to focus on future designs, marketing, and sales.

Testing and Aging

Ageing / Bulb Testing Lines are for longterm / realtime testing for improvement of the quality Parameters of the Manufactured Items.

Laser Marking

Owing to our rich expertise in this domain, we are engaged in offering excellent quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine Job Work. We have 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine, which can be used for Marking:

Mobile Phone Keypads, Non opaque-plastic keypads, Electronic components, Integrated circuits (IC), Electrical appliances, Communication products, Sanitary wares, Tool accessories, Cutters, Watches, Glasses, Jewellery, Auto parts, Boxes, Bags, Cookers, Stainless steel products etc.

3D/Additive Printing

We manufacture functionally accurate 3D printed parts that are strong, look beautiful, and are competitively priced too.


Delivery as fast as 72 hours
In-House FDM, SLA

Instant quotation for 1 to 1000 parts
Scale from 1 part to 1 million parts

100+ plastics, 35+ colors


Mechanical Fabrication Design

The factory of the future exists today. New additive manufacturing technologies are changing the way products are envisioned, developed, and produced. Receive expert end-to-end product development and manufacturing services from our team to ensure your concept grows into a finished product equipped for the industries of today and tomorrow. Get Designed and Printed with out 3D Printing Services.

Power Supply Design

  • Wide Power ranges and high efficiency.

  • Support for a wide input voltage range : AC (single phase, three-phase ) & DC.

  • Single and Multi-output Power supplies.

  • Isolated and Non-Isolated power supply Designs with buck, boost, SEPIC, Push Pull Forward topologies.

  • AC-DC Power supply Converters.

  • DC-DC Power Supply Converters ( Switch mode and linear Power supply ).

LED Lumineum Design

In Luminary Designing, we take the spark of an idea and develop it into a design plan that will help bring your goals and our vision to fruition. From original concepts to drawings, construction to move in, we guide your project through its life cycle, utilising all our skills in design and planning to make it happen. It’s what we love to do, and what we do best.

Embedded IIoT Product Designing

Industrial automation empowered by smart IoT encompasses a vast appetite for next-gen manufacturing. Product developments in the industrial IoT (IIoT) ecosystem have moved jauntily on the back of this trend. Eurth Tech Design Engineers are Specialised in Product Development that meets the Future. 

PCB Design

  • Professional PCB Design Services of all types, including, Multi-Layer, Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex

  • Highly Complex & Dense PCB layout designs done with speed & accuracy PCB reverse engineering service

  • PCBA Prototyping​

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