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Revolutionising Warehouse Operations: Pick to Light, Put to Light, and Voice Picking on Smart Tags


In the ever-evolving world of warehousing and logistics, efficient and accurate order fulfilment is crucial for success. To streamline operations and maximise productivity, innovative technologies are continuously being adopted. Among these advancements, Bluetooth-based tags have emerged as game-changers, enabling warehouse personnel and assets to be tracked with precision. These tags not only facilitate indoor localisation but also provide intelligent indoor navigation, empowering warehouse operations with Pick to Light, Put to Light, and Voice Picking capabilities. In this blog post, we will delve into the features and benefits of these technologies and their impact on modern warehouses.

Pick to Light: Enhancing Order Picking Efficiency

Pick to Light is a revolutionary order picking system that utilises visual indicators to guide warehouse personnel during the picking process. With the integration of Bluetooth-based tags, this system becomes even more effective and efficient. The tags can be attached to both the products and the picking bins, allowing for real-time tracking of their location within the warehouse.

When an order is received, the system generates a picking list that is transmitted to the Bluetooth-based tags. The tags then illuminate, guiding the picker to the correct location in the warehouse. Once the picker reaches the designated spot, the tag on the product or bin confirms the correct item to be picked, eliminating errors and reducing picking time. The integration of indoor navigation intelligence provided by Bluetooth-based tags further optimises the picking route, reducing unnecessary movement and improving overall efficiency.

Put to Light: Streamlining Order Sorting and Packing

Similar to Pick to Light, Put to Light systems employ visual indicators to guide warehouse personnel during the sorting and packing processes. By utilizing Bluetooth-based tags, this technology can take order fulfillment to new heights. Each tag can be associated with a specific order, ensuring accurate sorting and minimising errors.

Upon receiving an order, the system assigns a unique tag to each item in the order. Warehouse personnel are then directed to the correct location for sorting and packing based on the illuminated tags. The tags guide the packers, indicating the specific order to which each item belongs. This synchronisation of tags and orders significantly reduces sorting and packing errors, leading to faster and more accurate order fulfilment.

Voice Picking: Hands-Free Efficiency

Voice Picking is a picking technique that allows warehouse personnel to receive picking instructions and provide feedback through voice commands. By integrating Bluetooth-based tags, Voice Picking becomes even more seamless and hands-free.

Bluetooth-based tags enable real-time tracking of both the picker's location and the products to be picked. As the picker moves through the warehouse, the tags communicate with the central system, providing updates on the picker's location and guiding them to the correct product locations. The picker can then confirm the correct item through voice commands, eliminating the need for manual scanning or paper-based systems. This hands-free approach boosts productivity, reduces errors, and enhances overall operational efficiency.


The adoption of Bluetooth-based tags in warehouses is revolutionising order fulfilment operations. By providing indoor localisation and intelligent navigation capabilities, these tags enhance the efficiency and accuracy of Pick to Light, Put to Light, and Voice Picking systems.

With Pick to Light, warehouse personnel are guided by illuminated tags to the correct picking locations, reducing errors and optimising routes. Put to Light systems benefit from tags that synchronise with specific orders, streamlining sorting and packing processes. Voice Picking is made even more efficient by hands-free communication between the picker and the system, facilitated by the real-time tracking and communication capabilities of the Bluetooth-based tags.

As warehouse operations continue to evolve, technologies like Bluetooth-based tags will play a vital role in increasing productivity, minimising errors, and improving overall customer satisfaction. By embracing these advancements, warehouses can stay ahead of the curve and ensure seamless order fulfillment


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